The Art of Speaking   Confidently  

Present with impact to influence your audience!

You know that you're capable of so much more.

But that fear and anxiety holds you back.
It makes you unsure, stammer, talk too fast, ramble too much and look incompetent.

You lose out on valuable opportunities.

You can't effectively engage your audience, bosses, clients and investors.

Wouldn't it be great to feel relaxed, in flow and comfortable every time you speak?

Learn how to effortlessly exude your confidence and credibility every time.

Imagine in just 8 weeks,
you’re feeling confident and in control of engaging your audience!

What Is It?
A LIVE group coaching workshop (virtual) to grow with like-minded professionals.
It's the closest experience to a one on one coaching program at a fraction of the price.
Learn easy applicable techniques from weekly on-demand videos.    

Get pro-skills to network, present and pitch to your desired audience.

Client Testimonials

 "Within a few months, I’ve seen stark improvements in the way I speak and present.
I’ve learnt so much from Georgina and have gained more awareness and confidence when it comes to speaking and presenting.
She’s an amazing coach and I cannot recommend her enough!"

Marianne Tan
Data Scientist, Tik Tok

 "After being coached by Georgina, I became very aware of my speaking habits, personal energy, and voice projection. Georgina's coaching style is very personal and bespoke.
If you want to have a stronger online and onsite presence, I would highly recommend Georgina to be your voice coach." 

Fabian Lim
Leadership Coach, Authentic Point

 "She made insightful observations and helped me restructure my speech by using excellent narrative techniques that matched my natural speaking style and enhanced my adaptability in engaging an online audience.

I am excited to continue working with her as my coach.

Stephen Lew
Founder, The School of Positive Psychology 

"Stress and anxiety about public speaking is an unnecessary waste of your energy.
My mission is to eradicate your fear and spark your confidence."

Georgina Chang
30 years of media and stage presenting experience

The Art of Speaking   Confidently   

Build your confidence and influence


Begin With The End In Mind

•Learn how to promote yourself with impact.
 •Storyboard your success for optimal performance.
•Learn 3 powerful techniques of high performers.


Level Up Your Vocal Presence

•Learn 5 techniques that make you sound confident and credible.
• Engage your audience whenever you speak.
•Get the secrets on sounding like a professional broadcaster.


Look and Feel Good on Camera

•Learn 5 simple steps that make you look polished on camera. •Visually captivate your audience’s attention immediately.
•Get comfortable watching your recording.


Magnetize Your Audience

•Learn how to connect with and engage your audience.
•Speak concisely that makes people want more.
•Glow with your authentic style. 


Integration Week

•Review key techniques.
•Master your micro adjustments.
•Refine your presentation.


Elevate Your Presence

•Make an impact when you show up.
•Draw attention to increase your visibility.
•Uncover traits that diminish your presence.


Master Your Emotional Poise

•Master the power of your breath.
•Learn to control your voice and emotions.
•Prime yourself to feel calm and speak at your authentic best. 


Bringing It All Together

•Your opportunity for direct personalized coaching. 
•Get feedback for accelerated improvement. 
•Get the 3 step process to get you in a confident state. 

The Art of Speaking   Confidently   

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Please read terms & conditions before purchase.

Please read  terms & conditions before purchase.

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Starts soon.
8 weeks of on-demand video trainings and weekly live group coaching (virtual).
Each interactive live session lasts 60 minutes.

Don’t worry, a recording of the live session will be on the learning platform.
However, there’s nothing like getting live direct feedback.

The access is only for you.
The coaching and guidance is kept small to ensure that all participants get individualized attention.

Yes please!
This is designed to get you comfortable about being on camera for presentations, creating your videos and media interviews.
It starts from the very first session.
It's a safe and supportive space to begin your camera confidence journey.

The end of each coaching session is open for Q&A.
That's the time to ask all your questions!
Unfortunately we can't respond to individual email questions.

This is a special beta offer, and there are NO refunds.
Please read Terms and Conditions.

It's ideal to get customised guidance and attention to accelerate your progress.
As part of this programme, you can get a special package to support you in your growth.
Indicate your interest when the program starts and we'll get in touch with you.

With a 30 year career in the media, I've presented live on radio,  TV and at corporate events. My depth of experience includes coaching A-list celebrities on projecting their star presence and grooming newbies into celebrities. Now I coach and guide CEOs, MDs, senior executives,  and start up founders on speaking, presenting and pitching with clarity, ease and confidence.

The Art of Speaking   Confidently   

Do you want to be a decisive action taker and change your life now? 

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Get updated on the next season of this exclusive program.

Please read terms & conditions before purchase.

Please read  terms & conditions before purchase.